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Среди знатоков идеальным считается сочетание бутылочки-токкури Бидзен и чашечки-гуиноми Карацу. Цвета глазури преломляются в сакэ, радуя взгляд и возбуждая аппетит.

Сегодня видели вот это:
Brush Decorated Karatsu (絵唐津 Ekaratsu?)
Various images (flowers, plants, birds, mythological creatures, etc.) are painted onto the piece using an iron-based underglaze, then the piece is fired with a semitransparent gray glaze which allows the underglaze to show. This style is known for its earthy color and simple design.
Korean Karatsu (朝鮮唐津 Chōsen Karatsu?)
This traditional style was introduced by one or more potters brought from the Joseon Dynasty during the Japanese invasions of Korea. It features a black glaze placed under a white glaze which has been fired with straw. The two glazes run together and give a feeling of opposites.
Mottled Karatsu (斑唐津 Madara Karatsu?)
White Slip Karatsu (粉引唐津 Kohiki Karatsu)
Green Karatsu (青唐津 Aokaratsu?)

(Из Вики)
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